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Here are the doc's used from when I took a similar course in Film Studies years ago.  One of my favorite classes.  Required text was Jack Ellis, The Documentary Idea.

On the Bowery (Rogosin)
H=F4tel des Invalides (Franju)
Hight Steel (Owen)
Golden Gloves (Groulx)
Les Raquetteurs (Brault/Groulx)
Anybody's Son Will Do (Cowan)
Memorandum (Brittain)
Fields of Sacrifice (Brittain)
Three Songs of Lenin (Vertov)
Power and the Land (Ivens)
Plow that Broke the Plains (Lorenz)
The River (Lorenz)
The Anderson Platoon (Schoendorffer)
Les Boucherons de Manouane (Lamothe)
Jour Apr=E8s Jour (Perron)
The Louisiana Story (Flaherty)
Triumph of the Will (Riefenstahl)
David Holzman's Diary (McBride)
Calcutta (Malle)
Salesman (Maysles)
Sang des Betes (Franju)
The Falls (McMahon)
Tu m'as cri=E9 Let me go (Poirer)

At 11:55 AM 11/10/2004, you wrote:
Hi all...

In an effort to get our minds off of fee-for-service issues....I'm honored to have been asked to teach the intro to documentary class in the film studies dept here at UCB next semester.  Really excited about it (65 students! yow!)  Thought it might be fun to share the syllabus with you (still a work in progress).  I'd be very interested in hearing your comments and/or suggestions.  I need all the counsel and advice I can get.



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