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Just as an FYI:

I'm teaching Documentaries and the Law here at the Penn Law School.
It's the first time it's been offered and it's proven very successful.
Started with the classics like Nanook of the North, Man with a Camera,
Chronicle of a Summer, Don't Look Back and moved on to law-related
titles. Good luck... and have fun!

Merle Slyhoff

Gary Handman wrote:

> Hi all...
> In an effort to get our minds off of fee-for-service issues....I'm
> honored to have been asked to teach the intro to documentary class in
> the film studies dept here at UCB next semester. Really excited about
> it (65 students! yow!) Thought it might be fun to share the syllabus
> with you (still a work in progress). I'd be very interested in
> hearing your comments and/or suggestions. I need all the counsel and
> advice I can get.
> Cheers!
> Gary
> Gary Handman
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> Media Resources Center
> Moffitt Library
> UC Berkeley
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> "Movies are poems, a holy bible, the great mother of us."
> --Ted Berrigan
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