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Thanks for bringing this topic up. There are three solutions regarding digital audiobooks that I'm aware of. Carol Dunn mentioned Overdrive <> and the recently announced Recorded Books/netLibrary deal (see: <>)

We're running a trial with, which dominates the consumer digital audiobook market but, in my opinion, hasn't paid much attention to its library customers. We're only circulating two players (you really need more to make the service viable) and find the service complicated to administer and expensive per circulation (economies of scale kick in once you ramp up). This is definitely an up-and-comer for libraries but the service models aren't yet in place. I'd be very interested in hearing from others on this.

Charlie Matthews
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Nashua Public Library
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I've had a few vendors approach me regarding streaming video service (mainly
non-fiction) and downloadable audio-books for our patrons. Are any of you in
public libraries currently doing this? Anyone in public libraries working on
this, or something similar, for the future? I'm starting from scratch so any
information will be greatly appreciated.

John Fossett
Media Librarian
Kitsap Regional Library
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