Re: [Videolib] borrowing fees for videos

Steve Brantley (
Tue, 09 Nov 2004 15:11:43 -0600

At my academic library, we don't charge for media. The loan period is
three days (up from 1 day in previous years) and if you are late at all,
you get slapped with a $25.00 fee. I don't think there is a rationale
for this fee. It is an anachronism from the time when all videos cost
far more then the average book. Institutional licenses and prices
notwithstanding, it seems obvious to me that this punitive late fee is a
reaction to the thought that feature films would walk out the door.
Stated less graciously, media consumers = greater likelihood of theft.
It doesn't make sense anymore, if it ever did, but it remains as a
marker of media's different status in libraries.

Steve Brantley

Jerry Notaro wrote:

>Well this long time Media Librarian agrees with you. I think it is blackmail
>to charge for borrowing media and not books. And I've said so many times on
>this list. The same trick was used by the School Board I used to teach for.
>When the citizens didn't pass the proposed school budget, the first to go
>was bus transportation and school lunches and sports.

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