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Oh, I hate to get into this one, but here's my .02 on the subject. We
don't charge for checking anything out, and have long since discontinued
having higher fines for videos, *but* I must admit I do see some
difference in the format issue (not that I'm advocating treating them
differently). The issue, as I see it, is availability. Yes, it's
certainly a public good to be able to get your video material at the
library, free no less, *but* we are not the sole source on video
material you don't have to buy to use. We *are* generally the only place
you can get books, periodicals, etc. without having to buy them. That
said, I would not advocate charging for video materials or having higher
fines, *but* (except that your public would probably march on the
library with burning torches), a case could be made for freezing the
collection in times of fiscal calamity. While not free, folks can still
get those materials at Blockbuster, etc., for rental fee vs. being
unable to obtain books, CDs, periodicals, etc. except by purchasing them

All done now.

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Afraid I disagree with this philosophy.

Why should videos have to be self-sustaining fiscally or be
discontinued? Why not periodicals, or novels? Or self-help books.

Isn't the cost per loan of a video significantly lower than the cost per
loan of a novel?

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> From: "Griest, Bryan" <> > Reply-To: "" > <> > Date: Tue, 09 Nov 2004 11:22:23 -0800 > To: "''" <> > Subject: RE: [Videolib] borrowing fees for videos > > 2 things: 1) Tax revenues are plummeting; you may be paying for > something, but it may not be the cost of the materials. You may be > paying for the building, or the salaries, etc. This is an obvious > statement, but I've worked in a couple of libraries that had $0 for > materials in some years--$0!--even though taxes were still being > collected. 2) If we didn't charge for video rentals (which are > admittedly the only materials we could "get away with" charging for), > we wouldn't have had money to buy anything at all. At least from my > experience, the video collections had to become self-sustaining > fiscally or be discontinued completely. Given that choice, I think > even the irritated middle class would vote for a continued collection.

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