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Jerry Notaro (
Tue, 09 Nov 2004 14:35:24 -0500

Well this long time Media Librarian agrees with you. I think it is blackmail
to charge for borrowing media and not books. And I've said so many times on
this list. The same trick was used by the School Board I used to teach for.
When the citizens didn't pass the proposed school budget, the first to go
was bus transportation and school lunches and sports.


> Sarah,
> I do not work at a public library, but as a patron of a public library,
> I'll say that I'd be really upset if my library started charging for
> videos. When I got my last property tax statement, I was suprised by
> how much of my taxes went toward our public library. That's not really
> a complaint, since it's such an important public service, but the point
> is that the use of the library is probably not free for many of your
> patrons. Recently, I've been using the library a lot more out of the
> idea that, "If I'm paying already for it, I might as well get something
> back." And if I'm late returning stuff, even one day, I pay a fine. Of
> course this fee is avoidable, but having a two year old, sometimes
> returning things promptly is easier said than done. Then we talk about
> actually charging to check out a video? I'd consider it very unfair if
> I had to pay three times for the use of the same item. My guess is that
> your middle class patrons would be irritated for the same reason. And
> your less financially comfortable patrons could find it a hardship, even
> if it is a "small" fee.
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