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We charge $1/day for many of our videos/DVDs; these are purchased using FOL
money, so they aren't legally part of the library's collection at first. The
original policy for the collection was such that once purchased the items
would remain rentals forever. This has changed so that after a couple of
years they will now "go free". I decide which videos/DVDs to buy as rentals;
I have decided to make all new feature films and most of the "popular"
documentaries rental, while educational/non-fiction and most children's
stuff free. The FOL also gives me money to buy the free titles--as long as I
keep making them money through the rental collection, I'm left alone to
decide how much I spend on them.
Glendale Public Library

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Hi All,

I am sure this topic has been discussed before, but I couldn't find anything
in the archives.

We are beginning a discussion about the possibility of charging a small
borrowing fee for feature films. I'm interested in hearing from other
public libraries that charge for videos. How much do you charge? Do you
charge for everything in the collection? If not, what do you charge for and
how do you define what falls into that category? If you have a written
statement/policy that you are willing to share, I'd love to see a copy.


Sarah Beasley
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Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh
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