RE: [Videolib] "Video librarians" on the organizational chart

Bergman, Barbara J (
Fri, 5 Nov 2004 14:28:52 -0600

My questions: who do other academic video librarians report to?

I am media services library & coordinator of the Library Educational
Resource Center (K-12, videos and other non-print collections)
I am public services. I do the collection development for videos, but
the acquisitions and cataloging is handled in tech services.
I discuss circulation issues with Access Services, but do not report to
them. Because I am a coordinator, I report to the library dean.

Are you located in a Media Services Center, or in the Library?

Part of the library. The entire library has 20 librarians and 24

Do you supervise other staff?
Yes, one library technician and one AV technician. We have 10 student

If you work in a Media Services Center, how much do you participate in
equipment circulation, instruction, or production?

We do circulate equipment.
We are not involved in maintaining classroom equipment -- IT does that.
We have a single video editing station for students. We do not teach AV
production, other than assisting the the students editing projects. IT
runs a faculty production lab.

-- I like what someone else said about knowledge of the collection. We
get a lot of questions that are the equivalent of "There's this book
with a blue cover..." that can't be answered by simply searching the
catalog. Knowing the they probably mean Ethnic Notions or Warrior Marks
or whatever is an important service, since you can't exactly pick up a
video and flip through it while standing at the shelves to see if its
content is what you need.

Good luck,

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