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A truly outstanding documentary shown on PBS sometime within the last year is
worth pursuing. Does anyone remember its name? I didn't write down the title
at the time it was shown.

The film featured twin girls in Alaska, whose involvement in "normal" activities
has been greatly expanded by custom-designed and built wheelchairs--designed,
built, and maintained by their father. The wheelchairs allow them to travel
across rough outdoors terrain and adjust in height so that they are functioning
at the same eye-level as other people with whom they are interacting. The girls
attend regular schools, play basketball and participate in other school
activities with less impediments than most wheel-chair-bound students, and are
able to maneuver safely through crowded store displays. One of the girls is
training a horse and caring for it and aspires to being a horse trainer when she
grows up.

Other titles to consider:

"Ir a la Escuela" (Going to School)
This title is currently being distributed to selected public libraries as part
of the NVR-MacArthur Foundation Human Rights Video Project

"Freedom Machines" - broadcast on PBS in Sept. 2004

Pat Shufeldt
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"Syp, Marc P." wrote:

> I am putting together a program on disabilities for next year. I have found
> various resources on the web and have an overwhelming amount of material to
> choose from. I have a lot of fiction films for the purposes of discussion,
> but I would like to round this out with good documentaries. We are
> focussing primarily on physical disabilities but not exclusively. Any
> suggestions for titles with PPR available are welcome. Thanks!
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