Re: [Videolib] "Video librarians" on the organizational chart

Jennifer Stutesman (
Fri, 05 Nov 2004 10:29:44 -0800

Hi Maureen,

> who do other academic video librarians report to?

I am an MLS, I report to the library director, video librarianship is
only part of my job, which oversees the ordering, cataloging,
processing, and weeding of the collection, but I have no involvement in
VCRs, slide projectors, data projectors, etc. That's overseen by the
Media Dept, which also reports to the director.

>Are you located in a Media Services Center, or
> in the Library?
See above.

>do you supervise other staff?
Not in a formal way - student library help helps me with the
processing, sometimes.

>if you work in a Media Services Center, how much do you
> participate in equipment circulation, instruction, or production?

n/a - see above

-jen stutesman
Walla Walla Community College

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