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Courage, Maureen!

For what it's worth: The UCB MRC is located in the undergraduate
library. I report to the head of the Teaching Library (which is a library
instruction program that was put in place when the undergrad library staff
was dismantled in the early 90s -- long story, don't ask). In actuality, I
sorta report equally and informally one of the two Associate University
Librarians, but she's leaving and that relationship might change. I
supervise: 1 FTE operations supervisor (a library assistant); 1 FTE
cataloger (a libray assistant...the best media cataloger in the world!) and
about 12 student assistants. We don't circulate equipment or support
production (at least we don't support wide-spread production for patrons at
present...this is going to change in the next year). I do lots and lots
and lots of instruction and lots and lots and lots of reference and
curricular consulation. I'm the sole collection development person for MRC
and also select film and mass communications books for the Doe (Main) library.

Hope that helps.


At 10:50 AM 11/5/2004 -0500, you wrote:
>My Library Director is "restructuring" my job (I think this is code for
>trying to make me so miserable I leave, so they can replace me with
>someone younger and cheaper, but that's another story). She hasn't asked
>my input, but I want to be ready with my comments when the plan is finally
>revealed. Currently I report to the Head of Media Services, and work in
>the Media Services Center. Much has been made of the fact that I am the
>only "nontechnical" staff member in a department of 5. I
>My questions: who do other academic video librarians report to?
> Are you located in a Media Services Center, or in the
> Library?
> do you supervise other staff?
> if you work in a Media Services Center, how much do you
> participate in equipment circulation, instruction, or production?
>Thanks for any information. I feel under siege!
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