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The idea is to get all (or most--Hi Deg) materials on a subject together
regardless of format so patrons only have to look in one place.
Shelving separately allows patrons to browse materials by format. So it
really depends on which kind of access to the materials you want to

The question is, why only VHS? Why make patrons go off to a different
shelf to look for a DVD on subject XYZ? Or an audiobook or CD-ROM? If
the idea is to group the collection by call number or subject rather
than by format,
why not shelve everything--children's, ref, periodicals, gov docs, AV,
etc.-- together? (impractical sez Deg, and I agree) Absolutism aside,
it makes no sense to me to interfile only one AV format if the idea is
to provide greater patron convenience. I'd at least put all the AV
nonfiction in with the books.

Either approach is valid in the abstract, but you might want to check
first with the people it'll affect the most--your patrons.

(My personal pref: shelve separately.)

Peter Cartford
AV Librarian
Johnson County Library
Overland Park, KS

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I know this has brought up many times in the past, so please forgive the

My director has come to believe that inter-filing our Non-Fiction
videotapes with our Non-Fiction books would be a really great idea.
(This would not include our Non-Fiction DVDs, for some reason.) We are
a medium sized public library who tried this once before about 8 or 9
years ago (under the same director) and found it be disastrous for our
video circulation. That experiment seems to have been conveniently
forgotten. Even with the decline of VHS, our non-fiction tapes
circulate 15-30 times a year (on a one week loan), so I don't see how
this will help make these items more popular.

Has anyone had any experience with this, or know of any articles or
studies that have been done? I'll take anything, pro or con.


Chuck Collins
Cleveland Heights-University Heights Public Library
2345 Lee Road
Cleveland Heights, OH 44118
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