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Bullfrog Films offers a title on the topic:

"When Abortion Was Illegal: Untold Stories" in video. (release date

Synopsis: The era of illegal abortion, roughly the period between the
turn of the century and the Roe v. Wade decision in 1973, has been a
sealed chapter in women's history.

The profound aura of shame and fear surrounding unwanted pregnancies and
abortions before Roe v. Wade kept most women from ever admitting that
they had had illegal abortions. Women suffering complications from back
alley or self-induced abortions risked arrest if they admitted what they
had done, as did their husbands and doctors if they acknowledged
compliance and aid.

WHEN ABORTION WAS ILLEGAL illuminates this largely undocumented era and
reveals the physical, emotional and legal consequences of having an
abortion when it was a criminal act.

Please visit our website for ordering information:


Also new release: "Sex and the Holy City" on video or DVD. (release date

Synopsis: In the West, many Catholics ignore the Church's teachings on
sex. But in poorer countries the words of the Church still matter,
whether spoken from the pulpit or through a government minister. Pope
John Paul believes everyone - not just the world's billion Catholics -
should follow the Vatican's teachings. And he's tried to make sure the
world listens, becoming a key player in the bitter global debate over
women's rights and reproductive health. In this unique documentary, BBC
reporter Steve Bradshaw investigates how the Pope, who tried to act in
the best interests of women, came to be accused of ruining so many

Elizabeth Stanley
Bullfrog Films

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Can anyone recommend an up-to-date, quality video/DVD on the issue of
abortion? One that provides either an objective look or portrays both
sides is of course preferable. Our items on the topic are fairly old
and so far attempts at finding good titles has not yielded many results.

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