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I thought that this message may be of interest. Of course, copyright is an
infrequent topic for this list. ; - )


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From: Gillian Clinton [mailto:gillian.clinton@SYMPATICO.CA]
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Subject: FYI - Copyright

I am on a monthly listserve, InSITE-L - a current awareness service from
Cornell's Law Library, which made reference to the following site which may
be of interest to the members of this listserv. Goodness knows, the topic of
copyright comes up often enough!

(c) (Copyright) Primer

Intended as an introduction to the concept of copyright for the higher
education community, the (c) Primer is a Macromedia Flash Player-based
tutorial produced and maintained by the Center for Intellectual Property and
Copyright in the Digital Environment at the University of Maryland
University College. The tutorial covers more than 20 topics, such as "Work
for Hire," "Exemptions, Fair Use and Compulsory Licenses," and "DMCA." Each
topic offers illustrative scenarios and additional links to further reading
and references. The scenarios are offered as a form of quiz, with space
provided for the visitor to type an essay-format answer. Answers are not
graded by the tutorial, but an answer which has been reviewed by several
experts in the field of copyright and represents a consensus of opinion is
provided at the click of a button. Visitors will receive their own replies
via e-mail after the tutorial is finished.

Gillian Clinton
Clinton Research
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