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Hi Bryan, Here's my response from a medium-sized public library in South
Dakota. Jim Scholtz. Responses in blue below. Looking forward to seeing
the results - if you get enough responses it might be interesting to sort
them by library type to see if there are any trends.
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At this point, we are simply replacing bad discs by buying new. Not
elegant, and certainly not cheap. The County of LA system purchased a disc
cleaning/repairing machine for their collections, which made sense to me
given that they have 80-odd locations; the $10K price tag was probably less
than 1 year's worth of replacement DVDs for the system as a whole. We are
lucky in that our FOL rental DVD collection is self-sustaining, including
Bryan Griest
Glendale Public Library

I would like to ask an informal poll question. I will post the results of
this "poll" if I can get enough responses. I am curious about your DVD
collections and how you are maintaining them once they begin to scratch
and fail.

Are you:

A) Replacing your discs with new discs[James Scholtz] . Yes and no. We
determine popularity by past-use, normally titles in our collection ave. 5
circs. per month, so we compare against the ave. as well as seeing what else
is available - e.g. Jane Fonda's Workout tape might be replaced with a Kathy
Smith, etc.
B) Using a repair service to repair the discs[James Scholtz] - no, we
repair in-house.
C) Have purchased a machine and attempting repairs[James Scholtz] - yes,
we have a Disc-Go-Pod for minor repairs and a JFJ single-arm unit for more
in-depth repairs. FYI - our custodian and head page are trained in using
this equipment. We also clean/repair discs for 2 local stores and will be
offering the Disc-Go-Pod to patrons for self-service repairs ($1.00 per

We are looking at purchasing the accounts and machinery of one of our
smaller competitors and I am trying to determine trends within the library
field of accounts. I would welcome any comments that pertain to what you
look for in a repair service as it will be helpful to us in deriving the
value of future, repeat business.

As an incentive, anyone that sends a response to our "poll" will be
eligible for three (3) free CD, DVD or game disc repairs. Just send a
response to my email address. Additionally, I would like to include a
sample of the products we provide our repair clients - including lint-free
cloths, premium lift lock cases and label scratch guards. I appreciate
your help with this project and look forward to posting the results here.

Thank you,
David Wright
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