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Mark Richie (n2books@frontiernet.net)
Mon, 25 Oct 2004 09:20:09 -0500

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Contrary to popular belief, streaming video DOES remain in RAM for a
significant period of time - long enough to capture it and save it to
file - EVEN IF the right click save as menu option is disabled. To do
this, both IE and Netscape, let the file start playing then hit the stop
button on the player before the video stops. Watch the slider bar along
the bottom of the picture and stop it about ten percent from the end.
Leave the player window open.

Then go to find, search by date for the latest files modified in the
Internet cache. Or go direct to the Internet temp files (IE) or the
cache file (NSx.x). Find the temp cache file of the video, rename it and
save it to someplace else - like the desk top . . . Do it right and you
get the whole video. At worst you miss the last couple of seconds. I
demonstrated this little technique to a couple of video content
providers at NMM about four years ago when they INSISTED that streaming
video protected their copyrights because the video was "never resident"
in the customers computer. So misunderstanding in so few words.

Launch your favorite viewer and play the captured video again and again
anytime! Just don't expect the image to enlarge to full screen. Yes,
true postage stamp video looks like crap but it is authentic to the web
source providers.

Mark Richie

Tenglund, Ann wrote:

>Does anyone have any tips on downloading video clips from the Web?
>We have a student who needs to capture clips from John Kerry's Web site at http://www.johnkerry.com . She needs to use a couple of his commercials in her thesis (which is being done in video format). She wrote to them and received permission to use the commercials--in fact, they said that she and anyone else was free to download and use anything that was there.
>However, we are having no luck in saving it to disk for her to use. We are at the point now where we are going to have to try a digital camera to film it while it plays on the site, but it just seems that there should be a better way.
>Any advice would be very much appreciated!
>Ann M. Tenglund
>Coordinator of Library Computer Services and Library Instruction
>Friedsam Memorial Library
>St. Bonaventure University
>St. Bonaventure, NY 14778
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