[Videolib] Query: your experience with Vanderbilt news

Sat, 23 Oct 2004 17:25:20 -0400


My library is evaluating Vanderbilt Television News Archive
for possible licensing. Could those of you who already
subscribe offer a few thoughts on the following issues?

1. Does your library or media center fulfill requests for
video clips for your patrons, or do you leave your patrons to
their own devices for obtaining the clips? If you do handle
the requests for them, what can you tell me about your
procedures? How do you publicize to them that they don't
have to purchase with their own funds?

2. We've noticed error messages in response to a couple of
searches during the trial so far. If you subscribe, have you
noticed frequent error messages during routine use?

3. Any other general comments that will help us decide?

Thanks in advance,


Jeff Clark
Media Resources MSC 1701
James Madison University
Harrisonburg VA 22807
clarkjc@jmu.edu (email)
540-568-6770 (phone)
540-568-7037 (fax)