[Videolib] Interfiling Videos and DVDs with book collection

Eileen Simmons (ESimmons@ci.everett.wa.us)
Tue, 19 Oct 2004 15:41:53 -0700

LeeAnne brings up an interesting point. I've heard any number of people
comment about how computer savvy the younger generations are--along the
lines of "if it's in the computer catalog, they'll be able to find it." I
often think that it's not always that they are such excellent searchers, but
rather that they are so comfortable with the technology that they seldom
question whatever results they get, and it doesn't always occur to them to
ask for any help.

It's certainly true that keyword searching has made it more likely that a
person will stumble upon something that looks useful, and it's also true
that some kids are very good at using library resources. But keyword
searching has its limitations, and overall I would say that the younger
generation (at least those I see in a public library setting) is not so much
more skilled at finding information than those of us who grew up in the era
of card catalogs.

Eileen Simmons

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Excellent point, Eileen! When I go to our county library with my two
year old son (Everett!) we browse through the videos for interesting
documentaries I think he'd like. It would be a bummer if they started
interfiling, but then again, it's a very large public library. It's not
the sort of place one just stumbles across things.

But then again, something that all of us who are over the age of 30
need to keep in mind is that the younger generations of library patrons
are growing up very computer savvy. They've never used a card catalog
before. I have a few old timers here who still complain that we
stopped printing paper catalogs of our collection (20 years ago, mind
you). Meanwhile our students can find everything they want on the
computer but require much more help finding stuff on the shelf. Maybe
it would be better for the students to have everything in one place.
Assuming that you circulate to students, which we don't :)

Food for thought,

LeeAnne L. Krause, Manager
Educational Films Collection
University of South Carolina

>>> ESimmons@ci.everett.wa.us 10/18/2004 6:47:53 PM >>>
Those he talked to said they used our videos as an alternative to cable
TV programs
such as the History or
Discovery channels, and when they came in they were looking for
programs-but not a specific subject much less a specific title. So
wanted to be able to browse.

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