[Videolib] Interfiling Videos and DVDs with book collection

Karen Harrison (KHarrison@cityu.edu)
Mon, 18 Oct 2004 17:30:16 -0700

There are definitely many different reasons for interfiling or not
interfiling videos/DVDs with the rest of the collection. This is an
interesting discussion and in my opinion every library has its own
unique set of local priorities and space considerations that factor into
this local decision.

I have worked in a number of academic libraries and some interfile and
some don't. My current library interfiles the majority of its
videos/DVDs with the main book collection and we have no security system
and for us it seems to work fine. We also have some videos interfiled in
our curriculum collection.

Karen Harrison
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On points 1 & 2, I would say that is completely dependent on the
layout and personnel options; in our case, the former A/V room was not
guarded by anyone and was located in a corner of the building unused by
anything but the videos. The security system we use (Kwik-Lok cases)
work just as well in the stacks as they did in that room. Secondly, we
didn't/won't have a specialized service point anyway, so that point is
In fact, by interfiling we would be moving the videos closer to our
reference desk. On the third point, I made the observation in my first
that I don't get the impression that the majority of people are that
interested in finding just videos on a particular topic, but are rather
primarily looking for information on a topic regardless of the medium. I
could easily respond to #3 by hypothesizing another (and just as
theoretically valid) question: what if you want all the information on
hippos that the library has? Interfiling solves that crisis of logistics
where "segregation" does not. I think it all depends on the kinds of
each library has as to which system would be most beneficial, if the
security and personnel issues noted here are not relevant to one's
Bryan Griest
Glendale Public Library

I see three problems with interfiling videos with books, apart from
those mentioned below:

1. Theft. If you're not already putting your stuff in magnetic
security cases, you'll have to start doing that, and that would be a
big, ongoing financial cost. Putting DVDs especially in the stacks
without the security cases is madness. It's not enough to put magnetic
tags on the regular cases, because people could take the discs out and
slip them in their bag.

2. Loss of specialized service/reference. If you interfile the films
with the books, then you wouldn't need a film service point, would you?
And we all know that film is very different from books. Without a film
service point with specialized film staff, whom would the patrons ask to
find out if you have an unbiased documentary on abortion (or do I really
have to watch them all)? Or, do you have that film where Ingrid Bergman
was a spy infiltrating a ring of Nazis? Who's gonna rewind the tapes
and buff the DVDs? And if you do plan to keep film staff, then the
staff now has to have to walk all over the building to check on stuff
that's supposed to be checked in, but someone couldn't find it on the
shelf (and the jewel case probably just got shoved behind the books).

3. Finally, it's just annoying for the patron to have to sift through
the books to find the video. When you want a book, you want a book.
When you want a film, you want a film. Actually, I think it increases
the stops to interfile. What if you want all the films we have by
Marlon Riggs? You have to go to one floor for "Black Is Black Ain't"
and another floor for "Tongues Untied." Just go to the film collection
and it's one stop.

Of course it may work well for some libraries to interfile, but there
are more downsides than just not being able to read the title on the
spine and having to recatalog the films. I think they should all be
considered before making such a big service change. It seems to me that
the bigger the library, the less wise it is to interfile.


LeeAnne L. Krause, Manager
Educational Films Collection
University of South Carolina

>>> BGriest@ci.glendale.ca.us 10/16/2004 12:20:24 PM >>>
I am eagerly awaiting news on this front from our newly installed
as well. I proposed interfiling so as to collocate all items on the
subject (obviously enough); Cerritos (CA) PL does it, and I did it at
Hawthorne (CA) PL, but I moved on before I could garner any feedback
the patrons. Aside from causing our catalogers extra work (since none
of our
videos had been "Deweyed" previously) here at Glendale (CA), the only
objections I've foreseen--or have had raised to me--so far have been
possibility that some patrons enjoy browsing through even the non-fic
titles, and that some videos, and especially DVDs, are not easily
spine-on. I think the potential gains in awareness for the existence
quality video presentations on a subject outweigh those possible
but I admit to being rather biased in favor of interfiling. I believe
pages also benefit from having fewer "stops along their route", and
would force some recalcitrant librarians to do more weeding!
Bryan Griest

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Hello all--
What are your experiences with interfiling the videos and DVDs with the
collection by Dewey number? Pros? Cons?

Our director has proposed doing this for all "non-fiction" videos &
Feature films will be kept together as a group.

I look forward to your comments.

Marti Morec
Berkeley Public Library

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