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So glad that Randy Pitman posted his Video Librarian review of Night and
Fog; it was that review which led us to purchase the DVD Criterion version.
I find the additional fee to have access to Video Librarian Plus with its
15,000 reviews on-line most helpful. Check their website to see its many

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There is also a note on the Internet that scriptwriter Jean Cayrol was
in the KZ Gusen concentration camp for over a year.

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On Friday, October 15, 2004, at 09:51 AM, Randy Pitman wrote:

> Hi Pat,
> The Criterion DVD is excellent. Here's our review in "Video Librarian"
> from last year:
> September/October 2003 (Volume 18, Issue 5)
> Night and Fog
> Criterion, 32 min., in French w/English subtitles, not rated, DVD:
> $14.95
> "War nods off to sleep, but keeps one eye always open." As absolutely
> devastating and relevant at the dawn of our already war-torn 21st
> century as it was upon its initial release in 1955, Alain Resnais's
> Night and Fog is not only one of the best films ever made about the
> Holocaust, but also one of the best documentaries ever made, period.
> Narrated by actor (uncredited) Michel Bouquet, and filmed in the
> deserted concentration camps of Auschwitz and Majdanek 10 years after
> the Allied liberation, this half-hour heartbreaker intertwines
> then-contemporary, nearly bucolic color footage with harrowing
> archival images and clips from the time that Jewish men, women, and
> children arrived at their final destinations on trains in the "night
> and fog"; followed by the indignities of being shaved, numbered, and
> bunked three to a bed (Jean Cayrol's hauntingly poetic script refers
> here to the "fiercely contested blanket"); and culminating, finally,
> in death.in the work fields, the inhumane "clinics," or the gas
> chambers. Touching on the differences in designs of the concentration
> camp gates "meant to be passed through only once," the camp's ghastly
> semblance of city life (hospital, residential area, prison), and the
> in-context-Orwellian camp slogans such as "Work is Freedom" and
> "Cleanliness is Health," Night and Fog is so much more than simply a
> gruesome catalog of stills and clips (although these are some of the
> most disturbing in existence). It is, rather, a fierce dirge, a film
> that firmly grabs you by the head and says "look and remember, this is
> man's work." The film is presented in a new high definition digital
> transfer with restored image and Dolby Digital mono sound, and the
> disc features a five-minute interview with Resnais and a brochure with
> a pair of essays and crew profiles. Highly recommended. Editor's
> Choice. (R. Pitman)
> Best,
> Randy
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>> I'm calling on the collective wisdom of the list here. What is the
>> best
>> edition of this title? DVD or VHS. Our current copy has subtitles
>> that
>> are very difficult to read.
>> Many thanks.
>> Pat
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