[Videolib] Interfiling Videos and DVDs with book collection

Griest, Bryan (BGriest@ci.glendale.ca.us)
Sat, 16 Oct 2004 09:20:24 -0700

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I am eagerly awaiting news on this front from our newly installed Director
as well. I proposed interfiling so as to collocate all items on the same
subject (obviously enough); Cerritos (CA) PL does it, and I did it at
Hawthorne (CA) PL, but I moved on before I could garner any feedback from
the patrons. Aside from causing our catalogers extra work (since none of our
videos had been "Deweyed" previously) here at Glendale (CA), the only real
objections I've foreseen--or have had raised to me--so far have been the
possibility that some patrons enjoy browsing through even the non-fic
titles, and that some videos, and especially DVDs, are not easily identified
spine-on. I think the potential gains in awareness for the existence of
quality video presentations on a subject outweigh those possible drawbacks,
but I admit to being rather biased in favor of interfiling. I believe the
pages also benefit from having fewer "stops along their route", and this
would force some recalcitrant librarians to do more weeding!
Bryan Griest

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Hello all--
What are your experiences with interfiling the videos and DVDs with the book
collection by Dewey number? Pros? Cons?

Our director has proposed doing this for all "non-fiction" videos & DVDs.
Feature films will be kept together as a group.

I look forward to your comments.

Marti Morec
Berkeley Public Library

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