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Andrea Traubner (andy@filmakers.com)
Thu, 14 Oct 2004 12:24:51 -0400

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Dear Colleagues:

re: DIVERTED TO DELHI from Filmakers Library

Patricia McGee of Tennessee Technological University recently asked for =
a video/dvd on cross cultural language training for outsourced service =
centers in India. We have a superb new film on this subject as Susan =
Weber kindly pointed out.=20

DIVERTED TO DELHI. A new phenomenon in the global economy: toll-free =
telephone numbers are often answered by Indians impersonating local =
operators. This film follows a group of university graduates as they =
prepare themselves for prestigious jobs in Indian call centers, learning =
to speak and think like their international callers. 55 min.=20

For a full description, go to =

To place orders or receive further information, contact


124 E. 40th Street Suite 901 New York, NY 10016

Tel. 212 808 4980

Fax 212 808 4983

E-mail: info@filmakers.com

Web site: www.filmakers.com

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