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Gail Fedak (gfedak@mtsu.edu)
Thu, 7 Oct 2004 12:01:47 -0500

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We place a fluorescent red sticker that reads FOR FACE-TO-FACE TEACHING =
/ NO PUBLIC PERFORMANCE LICENSE on all our tapes that do not have closed =
circuit/public performance clearance. For DVDs we label the cases. The =
labels are a specialty item, our text printed on stock color, label size =
2.5" x .75". We originally ordered them from Gaylord, but any =
office/library supplier should be able to provide them.=20

We do not attempt to police a patron's use once it leaves our =
possession. However, often we can effect some policing before the =
program leaves our circ desk by engaging the faculty member in =
conversation about the program. We have been able to steer many faculty =
to seek PP license for specific showings. Most are appreciative of the =
help. Then there are the few cranks. We do not currently circulate to =
Hope this helps.
Gail B. Fedak
Manager, Instructional Media Resources
Middle Tennessee State University
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Dear Video-libbers,

This is my first posting to this list so please be gentle! I looked in =
the archives and couldn't find anything about copyright notices. Here's =
my question:=20

The videos in our smallish collection have been acquired for class =
instruction, so we haven't been worried about purchasing public =
performance rights, but as our collection grows and becomes more popular =
we're concerned about possible public use (non =
face-to-face-in-a-classroom) by profs or students. What, if anything, do =
other academic libraries do? Do any libraries place copyright notices on =
those circulating videos that did not come with public performance =
rights? If you have such a notice will you share the wording? =20

Your input is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Deborah Benrubi
Technical Services Librarian
University of San Francisco
Gleeson Library|Geschke Center
2130 Fulton St.
San Francisco, CA 94117

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