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Sorry to send this again, but the tech folk updated our system this
weekend, and I don't know if I received any answers on this or not. A
patron is looking for a documentary called "95th," about the 95th
Infantry role in the battle of Mertz, France in 1944. It was directed
by Davidson Cole. It was shown at the Maryland Film Festival in 2002,
which is where the patron retrieved the information. He believes he saw
it on public television on Chicago's WTTW, Channel 11 in the last year
or so. It was shown in November of 2003. However, a check of 11's
website, the PBS website, and FirstSearch yielded no results. I have a
sneaky feeling that it may not be available yet on video or dvd, but
with so many distribution lines out there, I thought I would check with
the great brain first. Thanks in advance, and sorry for the duplicate


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