[Videolib] Disc skins for playing side?

Mercure, Jeanette (JMercure@newington.lib.ct.us)
Mon, 4 Oct 2004 14:10:44 -0400

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I got a free sample from one of the manufacturers and put it on 1 of our
DVDs. We have never heard of any problems with it from patrons and it
has been circulating for several months now. The cost to do this to
each of our DVDs would probably be prohibitive though.
Jeanette Mercure
Newington Library, CT

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Hi all-


Is anyone currently using those transparent protection films
that cling on to the playing side of a disc? One brand is DVfender or
CDfender. I already have some thoughts on the product but I would like
to know if anybody else is using them or has experience with them.=20


Myles Jaeschke


Tulsa City-County Library


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