[Videolib] dvds with rfid tags

Delin, Peter (delin@zlb.de)
Sat, 02 Oct 2004 14:49:12 +0200

More infos about RFID in libraries on this site

"Delin, Peter" schrieb:
> Dear Libeth,
> as far as I know there are different sorts of RFID tags for optical
> digital discs, for example those from 3M and a new sort of label from
> Bibliotheca
> http://www.rfidjournal.com/article/articleview/1075/1/1/
> Bibliotheca claims that their tags are 100% correctly readable. In
> general there seems to be a problem with the metal layer all optical
> discs have (aluminium, silver or gold) that insulates the tags from
> their reception devices. But it should be considered that the inner ring
> of optical discs is metal free which is used by the 3M tags.
> The drawback of the Bibliotheca tags probably might be the covering of
> the whole disc with a plastic layer what those of 3M do not as far as I
> know. DVD discs might be bent by this additional plastic layer making
> them unreadable. There is no problem with CD. Tolerance in bending is
> 0,8 degree with DVD and 1,2 degree with CD. If the additional label
> bends the disc up to 1 degree what especially paper labels often do the
> laser beam fails in reading the DVD.
> We don't yet use RFID in our library but will have to do so in the
> future. We do not have any experience in checking out our media with
> RFID but we have to be prepared. An important issue for our library is
> to preserve the discs and it is recommended not to paste any labels on
> the discs.
> In the German speaking countries there are some libraries checking out
> big collections of CD and DVD via RFID without any problems as they have
> reported: the main libraries in Vienna and Luzern with 3M, the main
> library in Stuttgart will use the Bibliotheca tags. In the past there
> were several postings on Videolib reporting about problems with the 3M
> tags.
> We are also interested in any feedback concerning these problems.
> With kind regards
> Peter Delin/Videolektorat
> http://www.zlb.de/index.html
> > Lisbeth Goldberg schrieb:
> >
> > The given for our new branch library, opening day January 2006, is
> > that all materials will be capable of self-check, and DVDs will be on
> > the open shelf.
> > Is anyone applying RFID tags to DVDs? If so, do they play OK? Also,
> > is anyone circulating DVDs through self-check, and with RFID tags. Any
> > input on new innovations in circulating DVDs at public libraries
> > appreciated.
> >
> >
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