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In addition, perhaps someone out there could suggest a few titles or
distributors of quality geography videos. This is a first request for this
subject (and the librarian handling this subject area is new) so any help
would be greatly appreciated.

The Geography Tutor Video Series

"This is what Geography and Social Studies teachers  have lacked as a 
teaching tool and it has finally arrived." - Beth  Cantrell, Executive Director, 
Thomas Brothers Maps Educational  Foundation 
"This is a valuable product for use in geographic  education... Its 
versatility is outstanding." - John Brierly, State  Coordinator, California  Geographic 
"This is an excellent tutorial series for primary  instruction, review, 
re-teaching, and remedial instruction." -  Jim Stockard,  Alabama Council for the 
Social  Studies 
*** 3 Stars! - Video Rating Guide for  Libraries 
"What is a hemisphere?" "What causes tides?" "Where  is the equator?" "What 
is a political map" "How do you read road maps?"  "What is latitude?" "What is 
absolute location?" "What is an environment?"  "What is tundra?" "Why is soil 
so important?" 
Learn the answers to these questions and much, much  more! 
"The Geography Tutor," a comprehensive, 13-volume  video series written by 
Beth Kirk, National Geographic Society Consultant  and Florida's Dade County 
Teacher of the Year. 
Discover this fascinating series which targets the  specific and critical 
areas of geographic knowledge defined by educators  as profoundly lacking in 
today's students. The Geography Tutor video  series is designed to sharpen basic 
geography skills and teach concepts  that students find difficult to 
Each video is 15-18 minutes. 
Perfect for Study Use! 
Teaching Strategies, Glossary  and 
Study Questions included in each  volume. 
Vol. 1  - Map and Globe Terms  
Explains map and globe differences, latitude,  longitude, legends, scale, 
time zones, poles and  more. 
KG101  $49.95  
Vol. 2  - Types of Maps & Map Projections  
Explores various types of maps and map projections:  political, physical, 
relief, climate, vegetation and  more. 
KG102  $49.95  
Vol. 3  - Map Skills  
Covers map directions, distances, scale, plotting  latitude and longitude, com
mon map symbols and features, and  more. 
KG103  $49.95  
Vol. 4  - Earth's Physical Features  
Investigates various types of land forms:  mountains, plains, islands; and 
water forms: oceans, rivers, tides and  much more. 
KG104  $49.95  
Vol. 5  - Weather & Climate  
A comprehensive look at weather, weather patterns,  meteorology, changes in 
seasons and climate. 
KG105  $49.95  
Vol. 6  - Global Problems & Issues  
Explores the effects of air and water pollution,  rain forest and 
non-renewable resource depletion endangered species and  more. 
KG106  $49.95  
Vol. 7  - Geographic Definitions  
Explains the meaning of geography, geology and  oceanography, natural 
resources and more. 
KG107  $49.95  
Vol. 8  - The Five Themes of Geography  
Covers absolute and relative location; cultural and  physical place 
characteristics, environment and  more. 
KG108  $49.95  
Vol. 9  - Natural Wonders of the World  
Investigates unique deserts, coral reefs,  waterfalls and other atypical 
natural phenomena. 
KG109  $49.95  
Vol.  10 - Human Made Wonders of Europe & Asia  
Visits the Roman Coliseum, Acropolis,  Jerusalem, the  "Forbidden City," Taj 
Mahal,  Eiffel  Tower and  more. 
KG110  $49.95  
Vol.  11 - Human Made Wonders of Africa,  Australia  & The  Americas   
Explores the structures of Macchu Picchu,  Easter Island, the Pyramids, 
Panama  Canal, Statue of Liberty and more. 
KG111  $49.95  
Vol.  12 - Soil  
Analyzes how soil is created, what it contains, the  different types, 
conservation techniques and more. 
KG112  $49.95  
Vol.  13 - Vegetation  
Explains the various types of forests, prairies,  steppes, deserts and how 
these ecosystems form, thrive and  die. 
KG113  $49.95 

Wishing you continued success...

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