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In addition, perhaps someone out there could suggest a few titles or
distributors of quality geography videos. This is a first request for this
subject (and the librarian handling this subject area is new) so any help
would be greatly appreciated.

The Physical Geography Series
Each program comes with subject specific teacher's guide.

Volcanoes Of The United States
Volcanoes are not just found in Hawaii. The United States is fortunate to
have active and dormant volcanoes in many of her Western States. This program
visits some of the most prominent volcanoes in America. 24 min.

Forces That Shape Our Earth 
Explore the major landforms of our world with  spectacular video footage. 
Look at the various forces that affect our  physical environment including 
glaciers, volcanoes, gravity, rivers, lakes  and oceans, movement in the earth, wind 
and temperature changes. This  video is a superb introduction to the ways all 
these forces work together  to shape our planet. 30 min. 
Weathering And Erosion 
This program explores how the surface of the earth  is in constant struggle 
with the elements. Wind, running water, gravity  and temperature changes break 
down rock formations and carry away material  to build up deltas, beaches, 
geosynclines and dunes. This program was  filmed all over  America.  24 min. 
Earthquakes And How They Are  Measured 
Take a look at how earthquakes are measured in this  excellent program. 
Seismologists from the  National  Earthquake  Center in Golden,  Colorado show how 
earthquake  epicenters are located. You will observe an actual earthquake 
being  captured and the measurement scales, both Mercalli, and Richter are  
explained. You will also see an example of triangulation in capturing  earthquake 
data. 32 min. 
Waves, Coastlines And Beaches 
This live-action video deals with the geological  processes that take place 
where ocean meets land. Learn how erosional and  depositional processes form 
features such as rugged coastlines, barrier  islands, spits, Tombolos, wave cut 
terraces sea stacks and beaches.  Animated sequences take you underwater to 
show processes underway just off  the shoreline. 18 min. 
Physical Geography Of The  United  States 
This video program is a valuable tool for  introducing students to a general 
geology of the  United  States and an introduction to the major  Physiographic 
Provinces of the United  States. Discover the general geologic  forces that 
have been in progress since the beginning of time and the  effect they have on 
the earth. 29 min. 
The Hydrologic Cycle 
This program examines one of the most important  processes that affect life 
on earth. The water cycle is covered from  transpiration through evaporation to 
condensation, precipitation and  run-off. This is an excellent introduction 
to a fast moving process that  students see on a daily basis. 21 min. 
Geologic Time 
Geologic Time refers to the millions or even  billions of years in which the 
processes and forces that shape the earth  took place. Learn why and how 
scientists use this time scale and why it is  divided into Eras, Epochs and 
Periods. Explore how geologists use  potassium-argon dating to determine the age of 
rocks and minerals.  Visit  Ohio State  Universitys dating lab and see  the 
dating process in action. 25 min. 
Underground Water 
This video discusses how water is trapped between  grains of rock 
underground. discover wells, water flow, hydrology,  artesian wells and the water table. 
20 min. 
Running Water-How It Erodes And  Deposits 
Running water changes the surface of the earth by  cutting away rock in one 
place, carrying this load and then depositing it  in another place. This 
program explores the relationship of running water  to the land. Concepts 
investigated include suspension, solution, load,  rapids, potholes, meanders, braided 
streams, deltas, alluvial fans,  waterfalls and flood plains. The program also 
explores characteristics  found in youthful, mature and old streams. 41 min. 
Glaciers That Shape Our Earth 
Glaciers have had a more profound effect on the  surface of the earth than 
probably any other geological process. This is  the one audiovisual aid you 
SHOULD have to explain the world of glaciers  to your students. This video clearly 
investigates what glaciers do and how  they affected most of North America. 
51  min. 
Introduction To Rocks And  Minerals 
This program examines the characteristics of common  rocks and minerals and 
teaches identification procedures. Youll learn  about the physical properties 
of minerals including hardness, luster and  color as well as the chemical 
compositions of important rock-forming  minerals. 25 min. 
Sedimentary Rocks And Their  Formation 
One of the three basic types of rock, sedimentary  rocks include sandstone, 
limestone, siltstones, coquina, mudstones, shale,  dolomites, conglomerates, 
fossil limestone and sandstones. This program  investigates how weathering 
breaks up rock and the this sediment is later  turned into the various kinds of 
clastic and non-clastic rocks. The  program also shows how students can make 
sedimentary rock using simple,  everyday materials. 18 min. 
Metamorphic Rocks 
Rocks that have been changed by pressure or heat or  a combination of both 
are called metamorphic. Rocks such as slates,  schists, gneisses, granite, 
marble and quartzite are explored and the  mechanism of change discussed. 21 min. 
Igneous Rocks 
The third classification of rocks are those which  were formed deep in the 
earths crust by melting and then  recrystallization. These rocks include 
volcanic rocks, igneous rocks of  dykes and sills and plutonic rocks such as granite, 
syenite, gabbro and  ultramafic rocks. Many specimens are discussed that are 
not often found in  classroom labs or textbooks. 18 min. 

Wishing you continued success...

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