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Mon, 27 Sep 2004 12:41:33 -0500

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We went through this in the early 80's with the transition from 16mm to
videotape so I think some of the concerns about the shift from VHS to
DVD/digital is a little over the top. On the other hand "experts" in
1984, when audio CD was introduced, predicted with great certainty that
it would take 15 years to phase out 45 rpm singles and 331/3 LPs. The
sales curve on LPs dropped to nil by 1989. Point being that it is
dangerous to project consumer driven technology shifts into our little
world of docu/educational/non-theatric video.
The solution to the sudden dissappearance of VHS decks, IMHO, is
title by title digital conversion working with the producer. Since most
decent DVD players also handle MPEG-1 discs the conversion doesn't
necessarily have to be to DVD and could be handled locally under
license. Conversion to an MPEG-1 disc has the added attraction of being
ready for digital video delivery over the Internet - or campus Intranet
in the case of universities. In the 80's some enlightened companies
gave a replacement credit on the PO if you bought the VHS version and
already owned the 16mm.
As a side light, the K-12 regional centers may be forced into
DVD/digital conversion prematurely. I ran a continuos information
campaign to my schools trying to keep them from buying DVD players
en-mass. The usual argument I got was, "Everything is on DVD at
Blockbuster so we know all the video you have will be on DVD soon too .
. ." Two new schools installed a TV/DVD combo in every room and no
VCRs. Meanwhile the center has 15,000 tapes and 200 DVDs available . . .
We could begin replacement from VHS to DVD or we could begin
conversion to a Internet digital delivery system and skip hard copy
delivery - but with limited funds for purchasing media, we couldn't to
both. We went for the shift from hard copy delivery to Internet delivery.

Mark Richie

"An expert knows the same thing you know. She just has it organized in
PowerPoint . . ."

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