[Videolib] issues in academic media collection development

LeeAnne Krause (LLKRAUSE@gwm.sc.edu)
Thu, 23 Sep 2004 15:27:04 -0400

My very broad rule of thumb is to allocate the same percentage of my
budget to an academic department as they had circulation the previous
year. In other words, if Anthropology accounted for 8% of my
circulation last year, then they get about 8% of my purchases this year.
Of course there's lots of exceptions, but this is a heuristic that most
patrons will agree is fair, and is a very convenient way of cutting off
the people who always seem to be submitting purchase requests but not
using the stuff we buy :)

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>>> wesm@earlham.edu 9/23/2004 2:31:12 PM >>>
At Earlham, we do much the same as Maureen and purchase as request come

in. While we don't budget specific amounts for departments, once a
department has ordered a large number of inexpensive programs of a few

expensive programs, we begin asking the department to share the costs
(since they all have AV budget lines for rentals, etc.) This has
proven helpful when the well begins to run dry or we order "big ticket"

programs. In our case, we are small enough that faculty members don't

often go back to their department for approval. Since most of what we

order is for a specific course/use, it seems to work.


On Sep 23, 2004, at 11:55 AM, Maureen Tripp wrote:

> This is related to our recent discussion of collection development
> assessment . . . do other academic media centers allocate their
> among different departments--for example, are you asked to spend a
> certain amount on, say, requests from faculty from the visual and
> media department, a certain amount on faculty requests from
> communication, etc? Do you need to get department chairpersons to
> approve requests made by individual faculty? I'd be very interested

> in how you make your decisions.
> I have been able to pretty much fill all requests up to this year,
> now demand has outstripped our budget, and I am being asked to come
> with a fair way of dividing our resources among the different
> departments.
> Thanks for any ideas!

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