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RAISE THE DEAD has been praised by leading theology scholars:

"An uncritical yet revealing look at three Pentecostal ministers who
subscribe to a literal interpretation of a Biblical promise... [RAISE THE
DEAD] manages with considerable artistry to help the viewer experience the
sense of divine presence that informs their work. ... Adds to the body of
knowledge about Pentecostal history. Stunning... a gorgeous documentary
testament to an often misunderstood and marginalized religious tradition."
- Journal of Appalachian Studies

"The best and most sensitive documentary on the Appalachian religion and
Pentecostalism that I have ever seen in my extensive research - accurate
and insightful."
-Professor Harvey Cox, Harvard University Divinity School

"A moving film which captures the anguish and ecstasy of the religion...
poignantly captures the spiritual depth and social compassion that often
has been glibly caricatured by outsiders." - David E. Harrel, Breeden
Eminent Scholar In The Humanities, Auburn University

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