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Jed Horovitz (JedH@internetvideoarchive.com)
Thu, 23 Sep 2004 09:09:30 -0400

Why not ask them? What if they say it is material that has become public
domain because it was not properly registered? What if they say it was
partially funded by the US government and therefore not copyrightable in the
first place? I'd like to know what they say. Jed

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Hello -

We have had a request to order a DVD called WWII Cartoons from the Authentic
History Center (authentichistory.com). These cartoons were recorded on
DVD+R discs and are available for a donation. Has anyone ever "purchased"
anything from this site or does anyone have any experience at all with them.
Is this legitimate?


Kimberly Linkous
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Saint Louis Community College

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