[Videolib] Only VHS?

deg farrelly (deg.farrelly@asu.edu)
Wed, 22 Sep 2004 17:55:44 -0700

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Who=B9s still holding onto a Beta deck (one in my office)....


1/2=B2 open reel? Color open reel?

Anyone still have 8mm film loops?

Camcorders are still =B3findable=B2 (as opposed to =B3fungible=B2) at flea markets
and swap meets... Saw one this summer for $25

Sic transit

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Now Jessica, I have a top-of-line editing VHS JVC (top loading, 6 heads - YES!!) with a wired remote that I purchased in 1981 for $1700 that works perfectly. I hate to give it up. Is it obsolete? Not to my mother to who= m I gifted it. While it has a plastic cover, most of the internals are metal - you could use this baby for a boat anchor if it didn't work. Try that with a skimpy $39 DVD unit. Technology - you're not so tough (sorry, I've had a rough day). You must be terribly rough on your VCRs. Take care. Ji= m Scholtz (PS - I'm not really a luddite, I have/build PCs, do digital editing, and DVD burning, scanning, sell and buy Porsches on e-bay, I just like to wax nostogic sometimes.) Times were much simpler back in the 70's... =20

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