[Videolib] Basta!

Syp, Marc P. (MSyp@SLPL.LIB.MO.US)
Wed, 22 Sep 2004 17:34:11 -0500

When I started here, I did an inventory of our equipment and found a
beautiful pristine professional Panasonic VHS camcorder with a hardshell
carrying case... anyone want to buy it? :-)

Marc Syp
Supervisor, Film Library
St. Louis Public Library

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Try to find a VHS camcorder anywhere. That will tell you where we are
headed, and how quickly.


sorry Gary I was not belittling it but just the idea the VCRs were somehow
or unavailable. I finally had to give mine up after 17 years, a lovely old
I STILL have the 17 year TV it came with and the remote is LITERALLY being
held together with tape

I am a PROUD luddite