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This film has been out of print for a long time - and I believe was
directed by Peter Adair, known for his film on gay men, WORD IS OUT, and
films on AIDS. There is another film on the subject from Karen Kramer in
NYC who sells her film, THE JOLO SERPENT HANDLERS, and is a much better
film. I opened up the WV Film Week at the Pioneer Theater last March
with it. - Steve

The Jolo Serpent Handlers
1977 40 min. Karen Kramer

New York City filmmaker Karen Kramer began her fruitful career with
this film made in Jolo, McDowell County, West Virginia. In 1979 she
returned to the state, showing the film to students at WVSU and to
people in Jolo and in Welch. She interviews several members of the
church and shows church services involving the handling of snakes.
Reference is also made to other signs from the Bible including drinking
poison and walking on fire. This film is considered to be the best film
on the subject of several that were made in the 1970s including “The
Holy Ghost People.” Access: Karen Kramer Kramerkar@aol.com

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