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Bergman, Barbara J (barbara.bergman@mnsu.edu)
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I see that Marc is already taking advantage of the grant opportunity
through National Video Resources for the Human Rights video-discussion
series, but thought I'd put in a plug for all their programs, for other
readers who might be looking at this thread with interest.

If you'd like to do some educational video programming without having to
pick the videos yourself, NVR has several video discussion series that
they have put together. All you have to do is find a knowledgable
facilitator to present the materials.

NVR has grant money available for their current project, but the
previous series can also be purchased. Once you've identified some
money sources, I should think that you'd have success by being able to
say, "Here's a program that NVR has put together. I need X dollars to
purchase this package and pay an honorarium."


Good luck,

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Hi everybody.

I have a question for you folks working in media collections at public
libraries. When I used to run a non-profit, university-affiliated film
series, we applied for and received funding from all of the major local
granting programs. The situation here at the public library is
quite different because of our funding sources, and currently we don't
receive grants from any arts agencies. I just completed a grant for the
Human Rights Video collection but this is a one-time project. So, my
question -- what grant resources are generally available to public
libraries? Are there funding resources for exhibitions, guest speakers,
so on? I like having a blanket PPR license but I would LOVE to be able
pay for real film prints and/or honorariums for filmmakers and guest

Thanks in advance.

Marc Syp
Supervisor, Film Library
St. Louis Public Library

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