[Videolib] DVD's 2, etc.

James Scholtz (jimscholtz@sdln.net)
Wed, 22 Sep 2004 14:19:30 -0400

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MessageWell Mark, I don't know about that concept - I've been in a 'nutrient
bath' for about 6 years and really missed the entire VHS to DVD changeover.
I think I'm going back in to wait out the "next big thing" in video
technology because the world is getting way to confusing - copyright,
technology, the matrix, Arnold S. governor of California, etc. Besides this
steak I'm eating isn't real and it tastes like chicken - or at least I think
it tastes like chicken, but maybe that's the only taste that was leftover
when they handed out tastes. Who is THEY anyway? Thanks for making me
think, because therefore I AM. Jim Scholtz. P.S. Actually, Jed made
great sense when he was discussing copyright and the obsolesence of
equipment. I don't think the writers of even the digital millenium
copyright act thought much about equipment obsolescene or 3rd party
ownership of databases.
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Wait till they develop a "memory replicator", whereby you will stick your
finger in your puter, and you will THINK you saw the movie...and then
imagine the posts here, regarding saving your memory of a particular film,
and the copyright, thereof...

Just a thought...or was it a "matrix"...

Smiling bright in Pennsylvania,


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"DVD will probably last only five more years and then the next
technology will have even more problems of conversion."

Dennis Doros
Milestone Film & Video

This inconspicuous line buried in Dennis' comments particularly deserves
some reflection. Many of us are in the process--and financial binds--of
converting over our educational collections of VHS to DVD as titles come out
on DVD. Is it truly only 5 more years of life for the much vaunted DVD? It
may take us 5 years to completely convert to DVD!
Can I just wait out DVD and skip to the next technology please?
Will that be dial-up?
In the meantime, we hang on to our 16mm films and projectors for the
big comeback. (Wish I'd kept those filmstrips.)

Thank you,
T. Nicholas
Statewide Media Resources
Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

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