[Videolib] Public performance rights question

Susan Albrecht (albrechs@wabash.edu)
Wed, 22 Sep 2004 13:49:25 -0500

Jed wrote:

>[Marc's] example exhibits the prejudice I am concerned with in that you assume
>the t-shirt is not a political, artistic statement but simply a rip off. I
>think we should assume it is protected free speech (art, business, pursuit
>of happiness, etc.) unless and until Disney proves other wise. That is all
>it would take to level the playing field between new/future users/creators
>and owners of existing creations.

Wait a minute. Have I understood you correctly? Marc's example wasn't
just a person who used Mickey on a T-shirt he himself simply intended to
wear. It was that someone wanted to use Mickey on T-shirts and SELL
them. You see that as a freedom of speech issue?
Hey, if *I'd* designed a cartoon character that people were using on shirts
& selling w/o giving me a red cent, I'd not see it as a "free speech"
issue. I *would* see it as stealing my design and ripping me off.

And I know some folks here are sick of talking about this topic, so delete
at will. But I'm really interested in understanding what the views are out

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