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Wed, 22 Sep 2004 14:26:30 EDT

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In a message dated 9/22/04 11:57:56 AM, john.muller@sonoma.edu writes:
> Any new HD-DVD standard will likely be backward-compatible with existing
> technology, just as transitional DVD players from Pioneer played both DVDs
> and Laserdiscs (which was a niche-market at best). And after HD-DVD, there
> will no doubt be a new standard devised; solid-state flash sticks with no
> moving parts? That'd be my guess.

I just don't know but I suspect your right about the next format after
HD-DVD. There will be a desire by many people (okay, the greedy studios) who will
want to make a big killing in the next format. What made the VHS to DVD
conversion so enticing was the fact that everything was priced from $10 to $30 rather
than $15 to $100 AND you got all the bonus features. There was a big financial
incentive for consumers to switch over even to a format that at that time,
you couldn't record!

As that big financial windfall (and let's not forget all those DVD machines
that were sold) won't happen with the next format, the only thing I'm worried
about is that they kill DVD to ensure greater sales. In effect, that's what the
did with laserdisc to DVD, though the market was minimal so nobody really

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