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If a film is not available for sale on newer format and the player needed is
no longer available at a "reasonable price," then one can transfer the film
to a new medium. This, however, would not be currently possible for those
films on DVD that have piracy protection software on them, were that
technology to suddenly become obsolete, and players become unavailable, as
it is illegal to circumvent this software except for a very few reasons
stated by the Librarian of Congress. Of course, this could change (and
hopefully it will change so that it becomes legal to circumvent these
software controls in order to use portions of these films as allowed under
the TEACH act or fair use, which currently do not seem to be provided for).


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Gary raises an important issue. I am a librarian in a high school. We have a
centralized audio/visual department that's part of our library. Currently,
we have 3,000 items in VHS format. Many of these items are shown daily.
What happens when VHS is gone -- either replacement players of replacement
Mary Seligman
Library Media Specialist
Paul D. Schreiber High School
Port Washington, NY 11050

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