[Videolib] DVD's 2, etc.

John Muller (john.muller@sonoma.edu)
Wed, 22 Sep 2004 08:27:29 -0700 (PDT)

Any new HD-DVD standard will likely be backward-compatible with existing
technology, just as transitional DVD players from Pioneer played both DVDs
and Laserdiscs (which was a niche-market at best). And after HD-DVD, there
will no doubt be a new standard devised; solid-state flash sticks with no
moving parts? That'd be my guess.

But what do I know? we still have 14,000 vinyl LPs and 78s in our
collection, and they circulate just fine. Unlike the aforementioned LDs,
turtables are at least still widely available.

> "DVD will probably last only five more years and then the next technology
> will have even more problems of conversion."
> Dennis Doros
> Milestone Film & Video
> This inconspicuous line buried in Dennis' comments particularly deserves
> some reflection. Many of us are in the process--and financial binds--of
> converting over our educational collections of VHS to DVD as titles come
> out on DVD. Is it truly only 5 more years of life for the much vaunted
> DVD? It may take us 5 years to completely convert to DVD!
> Can I just wait out DVD and skip to the next technology please? Will
> that be dial-up?
> In the meantime, we hang on to our 16mm films and projectors for the
> big comeback. (Wish I'd kept those filmstrips.)
> Thank you,
> T. Nicholas
> Statewide Media Resources
> Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

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