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Well, this question too comes back to copyright law. As has been discussed
here, do you have the right to copy something you bought to a new format?
What if you destroy the original? What if the old format is obsolete? Does
the law require you to buy a new copy of the new format? Can you resist new
technologies? What do you want in a new technology? What happens if your
collection is orphaned and can only be viewed on your papyrus player? Do
copyright holders deserve a second bite of the apple? Do we want to give it
to them? If you show the material daily, haven't you had your money's
worth? What's best for society?

Clearly the cycle of new technologies of delivery and re-issue of
copyrighted content is not just about better image and sound quality. So
where is the proper balance? AV librarians (as representatives of the
public and the cultural past and future) should have an opinion. There will
be collateral costs and unintended consequences but as Susan points out in
her footer..."If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice."

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Gary raises an important issue. I am a librarian in a high school. We have
a centralized audio/visual department that's part of our library. Currently,
we have 3,000 items in VHS format. Many of these items are shown daily.
What happens when VHS is gone -- either replacement players of replacement
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