[Videolib] Public performance rights question

Susan Albrecht (albrechs@wabash.edu)
Tue, 21 Sep 2004 17:50:26 -0500 (EST)

And I hope you do realize that I'm not totally an "only one side of the
issue" person. I mean, I'm a huge Alan Rickman fan, and it drives me
INSANE that no one has released The Search for John Gissing, and that the
only copy of his performance in Les Liaisons Dangereuse is in the NYPL and
apparently unviewable w/o an extremely good reason [like, beyond, "I adore
Alan Rickman"].

As I said previously, I think these discussions are important. I'd just
really, really like to see them falling under their own subject headings
[i.e., "Here's what copyright would look like if *I* ruled the word!"]
rather than appearing WITHIN those responses to queries about
[relatively!] simple matters such as PPR requirements for advertising &
showing a film to an anime club.

Susan Albrecht

Griest, Bryan said:
> "we can pass legislation requiring their compliance." Who was it the
> other
> day who was worried about a totalitarian state?
> Bryan: Not me. ; )
> This is the kind of discussion that needs to be raised; not by us in this
> small, small corner of the ether, but in the larger community we live in.
> We
> librarians and archivists are charged with raising the awareness of our
> populace to the benefits (and costs, to be sure) of preservation. Just
> think
> how far to this end that $3 billion would have gone in the hands of the
> LoC
> . . .

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