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Tue, 21 Sep 2004 16:59:39 EDT

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> You speak of incentives and profits as if those are the only reasons films=
> are made. I say that's pretty narrow minded,=A0and that's the nicest thing=
> can say.

I'm too tired of this topic to respond anymore. HOWEVER, this is getting ver=
personal. I know Jessica and everyone else in the independent film world.=20
NONE of us went into film to make a ton of money, and almost none of us will=
up with much either. She may have no clue on which baseball team will win th=
World Series since she's been wrong for the past 95 years (and she can latch=
on to this topic with an ancient mariner's death grip), but she absolutely=20
knows what she's talking about when it comes to film.

I suggest that you a) intern at an archive, independent distributor or a=20
studio for a month to learn any semblence of the business, or b) lobby hard=20=
have the copyrights changed.

Otherwise, we're just wasting our time on this listserv. I'm finding this=20
somewhat troll-like to be frank about it.

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