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James Scholtz (jimscholtz@sdln.net)
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Hi Marc, You may still be able to apply for grants through your Missouri
State Arts Council, local St. Louis Arts Council and the Missouri Humanities
council, depending upon your program. They used to fund two ways -
mini-grants (1 page, brief, $500 grants) and larger grants. We do (as the
Yankton Community Library) in South Dakota depending upon the grant idea and
amount. We also have found it beneficial to partner with other agencies
such as private colleges and universities who may have grant funds available
for specific programs. You probably already know about the National Video
Resources/Carnegie grants (Sally Mason Robinson) for specific programs. PPR
rights can be procured from a couple of different 'blanket' license sources
for a period of 1 year MPLC - being one. Not that expensive if you base $
amount on 1 site, 1 auditorium (probably couldn't work that amount into any
grant because it would cover more films than 1 program for an entire year).
You might consider partnering with some hospitals/medical centers and/or
drug companies in the St. Louis area -(like Lily, etc.) they should have a
PR dept. ready and willing to fund some innovative library programs. You've
probably already done this research. Jim Scholtz.

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Hi everybody.

I have a question for you folks working in media collections at public
libraries. When I used to run a non-profit, university-affiliated film
series, we applied for and received funding from all of the major local arts
granting programs. The situation here at the public library is obviously
quite different because of our funding sources, and currently we don't
receive grants from any arts agencies. I just completed a grant for the
Human Rights Video collection but this is a one-time project. So, my
question -- what grant resources are generally available to public
libraries? Are there funding resources for exhibitions, guest speakers, and
so on? I like having a blanket PPR license but I would LOVE to be able to
pay for real film prints and/or honorariums for filmmakers and guest

Thanks in advance.

Marc Syp
Supervisor, Film Library
St. Louis Public Library

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