[Videolib] Public performance

James Scholtz (jimscholtz@sdln.net)
Tue, 21 Sep 2004 13:34:34 -0400

Hi Guys, I've been quietly 'lurking' over the various PPR posts the last
couple of days and I certainly don't mean to make light of the PPR issues
here. I'm not a copyright lawyer, but I did write a book and play a
copyright authority on television (well, at least on a PBS satelite
transmission - I'm at least as much an authority as Dr. Phil!!). I agree
that there should be some 'black and white' answers concerning
PPR/copyright. Do you guys remember the American Libraries insert on
copyright back in 1989 (Done by Mary Huchings Reed, ALA copyright
consultant)? It would seem to me that we (meaning the VRT) should lobby ALA
to publish an update considering PPF and the millenium/digital copyright act
to have something like that in an upcoming AL because there seems to be an
overwhelming stream of the same copyright/PPR questions coming up (probably
always will be). I love listservs and e-mail because people get an immediate
response, but also they can also get too many divergent views/opinions.
While copyright has many grey areas (areas for interpretation), it also has
many black and white, "don't do this" areas. Anyway, I always learn
something from you guys and you keep me amused. For Byran - from one lowly
librarian to another - keep plugging away. If you are interested in AV,
then read voraciously about the topic in Randy Pitman's magazine, Gary
Handman's books, ACRL and PLA AV publications, and maybe my (James C.
Scholtz) somewhat outdated books and articles. The thing I've always
enjoyed about the AV field is that AV librarians and media
producers/distributors (like Jessica, etc.) are always willing to help. I
really like the word 'fungible' - it wasn't on the GRE exam way back in 1976
and I had to look it up (but I appreciated the listserv definition and
discourse). Take care. Jim Scholtz