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Susan Albrecht (albrechs@wabash.edu)
Tue, 21 Sep 2004 13:19:18 -0500

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>I see. So you disagree that archives are able to preserve filmic elements
>as well as commercial entities? Or that no production company could be
>compelled to create an archival deposit negative and print positive or two
>with the proper authority? Or that just because archives are not now
>properly funded that they should remain so forever? I believe that these
>are issues that can be resolved to the benefit of all concerned. I know
>that some movies don't recoup their costs. So what? That doesn't prevent
>the archived original elements from continuing to exist. And the market
>(which seems to be a concern of yours) will take care of those "crappy 5th
>generation material[s]"; if there is no demand for them, no one will
>bother creating them. Just because production companies didn't take care
>of their prints/negatives in the past doesn't mean they will continue to
>do so. If these people truly cared about the art of the medium, they would
>be happy to donate original elements for posterity, but even if they
>didn't care, we can pass legislation requiring their compliance. The LOC
>and UCLA may laugh or cry, but I bet they would also be first in line to
>accept revenue to expand their operating budgets.
>You speak of incentives and profits as if those are the only reasons films
>are made. I say that's pretty narrow minded, and that's the nicest thing I
>can say.

"we can pass legislation requiring their compliance." Who was it the
other day who was worried about a totalitarian state?

Also, Bryan, I DON'T believe the claim was ever that archives *can't* do
this kind of work nor that they *should* remain not properly funded; it's
more that they *are* not properly funded. I would love to know how you
envision these funds being procured? In a time when the current
administration feels the need to divert $3billion+ from Iraqi
infrastructure rebuilding to shoring up security there [apparently we can't
afford to do both], in a time when federally-mandated No Child Left Behind
is underfunded by $9.5 - $32 billion [depending upon whose study you look
at], in a time when many state budgets are in the red, how can we expect
there to be an outpouring of support for funding archives & film
preservation via the public sector?

Susan, who promises to stop now, too.

Susan Albrecht
Acquisitions Coordinator
Wabash College Lilly Library
Crawfordsville, IN

"If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice."--Neil Peart

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