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Mon, 20 Sep 2004 22:03:37 EDT

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In a message dated 9/20/04 7:52:09 PM, ghandman@library.berkeley.edu writes:
> The hell with copyright, Michael...when do you expect to release "Grass"?
> (I'm teaching the documentary course here this coming spring and would
> assign it, if avail...)
> gary

Dear Gary (and others)
It's already out on on a good DVD with a couple good features, but the deluxe
Cooper-Schoedsack DVD with new transfers of Grass, Chang as well as "In
Search of Kong" (a doc on C&S) and lots of other features including the most
exquisite home movies of Fay Wray taken by Cooper, will hopefully be out in time
next December for Peter Jackson's King Kong release.

The DVD could have been out sooner, but the two films were our first
acquisitions and researching C&S is a religious devotion so I want to include
EVERYTHING we can about them. I'm going out to BYU and its amazing Cooper collection
to do the research in the spring.

HOWEVER, when you're ready to teach the film, you might want to invite my
friend Mark Vaz (who lives in SF) to talk about the film since he's coming out
with a very, very good biography on Cooper this next Summer.

And thanks for getting me off the other subject -- I believe I've said my
peace over and over again on the subject and apologize to the rest of you on the

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