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Jed Horovitz (JedH@internetvideoarchive.com)
Mon, 20 Sep 2004 08:51:39 -0400

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Dear Susan,

With all due respect, Jed, I wasn't even talking about controlling price. I
was talking about availability of specific content. First of all, so was I.
Main Entry: fungible Function: adjective
Etymology: New Latin fungibilis, from Latin fungi to perform 1 : being of
such a nature that one part or quantity may be replaced by another equal
part or quantity in the satisfaction of an obligation <oil, wheat, and
lumber are fungible commodities> 2 : INTERCHANGEABLE
Second, since you bring it up, controlling price through controlling
availabilty sounds like a pretty good description of monopoly. We grant
such a monopoly through copyright and when it is abused, we should take back
the grant. Market power, legal challenge, lobbying and education (in this
case of clients) are all valid ways to do that.
And again, with all due respect, you ARE entitled to your opinion that the
current system re: copyright sucks. Did I ever say that? I think I've said
that copyright is too broad, too long, too powerful, too punative, too over
reaching, too controlled by corporate interests with no investment in future
creativity or the common stream of culture represented by libraries. But it
IS the system, and since often your answers (based upon your personal
opinion) come in response to a list member's question about what's
appropriate or legal behavior, it is frustrating. People are typically
looking for *clarification,* and to have opinions about how it should be or
what we must fight for put forth in response often doesn't help the person
deal with the here & now. The safe and/or simple answer is not always the
best one. Just because you disagree with me doesn't mean I am not offering
*clarification* of the lies and myths propagated by the corporate copyright
cartel. My 'opinions' are based on years of study. In fact, they are not
just 'my opinions' but shared by many librarians, legal experts, historians,
media scholars and even some ALA staffers. I don't claim that gives them
any more validity than if they were just 'mine' but do challenge your
implication that because they are just 'mine' they have less validity. I
think individual librarians are capable of balancing public and private;
long term and short term; individual and group needs better than almost any
other profession...if they have the information. I have no expectations
that they will follow my suggestions without thinking. Why don't you trust
their judgment?


In my (often not) humble opinion.
Susan Albrecht

Susan Albrecht
Acquisitions Coordinator
Wabash College Lilly Library
Crawfordsville, IN

"If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice."--Neil Peart

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