FW: [Videolib] Public performance rights question

Griest, Bryan (BGriest@ci.glendale.ca.us)
Sat, 18 Sep 2004 13:10:18 -0700

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I hope I'm not offending by only responding to sections of these posts . . .

>From Dennis Doros:
-- I just suggested that proper respect and adherence to copyright is not a
sign of a totalitarian state, but a society who values the work of the
individual artist.

But we're not talking about the individual artist after his/her death, are

>From Lisa Flanzraich:
It has to do with corporate ownership--MM will never ever be in public

I know; that's my point--it's no longer about the "freedoms" of the artist
to profit from his/her work, but about how long the copyright holder can
rake in $.

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